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25 9월 Health Care

The Health Care Center offers various medical services including health counseling, illness treatment, and health education for students and university employees.

Health Care Center

[Examination and Treatment Schedule]

• Regular Examination and Treatment Offers treatment and consultation, medication, vaccination, convalescence room operation and emer gency medical support.

• Dental Examination and Treatment Offers dental examination and consultation, dental x-ray, nerve treatment, amalgam filling, resin filling, and scaling.

• Health Examination Physical examination for new and admitted students, free blood tests for students and faculty, general health examination.

• Disease Prevention Projects Vaccination, insecticide project, health education.

• Medical Aid Payment Pays part of medical expenses occurred at outside medical organizations due to various illnesses or injuries based on the following chart.

More Info

Fitness Center

• Location : B3 of Colege of Music.

• Open time : Weekdays 7:30~ 17:00, Saturday 9:00~16:00 (this is only during the semester but during vacations opened time is a little shorter.)

• Registration : from 25th of the month before to 5th of the according month. And the fees for undergraduate students are \10,000 for a month, \4,500 for 6 months .



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