Sookmyung Summer School | Cafeteria on Campus
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08 10월 Cafeteria on Campus

Student Cafeteria

  • Location : on B1 floor in the Myung Shin building (B002 Myungshin)
  • Tel : 710-9248
  • Average cost per meal : KRW 2,000
  • There are 3 kinds of menu; Korean food, Western food, One dish meal, You can buy some light meals like Ra-myun (hot noodle soup), Kimbab (rice roll), Sandwich, Ice Cream and so on.






Faculty Cafeteria

  • Location : on B1 floor in the Sunheon Building (B016 Soonheon)
  • Tel : 710-9247
  • Average cost per meal : KRW 3,500
  • You can enjoy Korean style food such as rice, soup and many other side dishes.


Snow Cafeteria

  • Location : on the first floor in the Renaissance Plaza first floor. (B108 Renaissance Plaza)
  • Tel : 710-9813
  • You can enjoy many kinds of beverages like cafe. Also you can eat ltalia pasta, Pilaf, California Rolls. Snow Cafeteria offer cool and comfortable atmosphere





Hew (in Library)

  • Location : 5th Floor
  • Tel : 710-9794



  • Location : Renaissance Plaza
  • Tel : 2077-7755


Name Tel Location

Snack bar

Shinsegae Snack bar I

710-9246 423B Soonheon
Shinsegae Snack bar II 710-9875 217 Administration Bldg
Shinsegae Snack bar III 710-9720 1st Floor, Social Education Bldg
Blueberry 2077-7341 113 Student left
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