Sookmyung Summer School | Welcome to SISS
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Welcome to SISS

Message from 
Center for International
Affairs and Cooperation

Sookmyung Internatonal Summer School

Welcome to Sookmyung International Summer School!
Founded in 1906 as the nation’s first private women’s university under the royal patronage, Sookmyung endeavors to share our traditional value with international students from all over the world. SMU proudly stands with over 100 years of its history and traditions and we solemnly pledge myself to succeed the founding spirit of Sookmyung to cultivate competent talents, and to bring institutional developments. The goal education is to foster global citizens who will create the future with the pride of the Korean value. This aim will be achieved by nurturing talents through education. SMU will help them searching for the essence of humanity and knowledge and to cultivate global competence.

The knowledge based society of the 21st Century demands a new paradigm for the pursuit of mutual prosperity. We are at the era when the human focused value needs to be restored; such value should be based on the humanism and understanding of different cultures. We hope SISS will be the place for students to meet world based on unique Korean atmosphere satisfying the demands of the century. Furthermore, SISS provides exclusive educational environment for SISS attendees offering a various courses taught by outstanding faculty members from partner universities in the world at one place, Sookmyung. This would be unforgettable memories and priceless assets for your life.

Again, we are very pleased to have each of you here in Sookmyung campus and hope you can enjoy not only the educational opportunities but also the exciting activities happened in and off campus during SISS.

SISS Competitive Advantages

Life-changing Experience

Studying abroad lets you learn about other cultures, make new friends, and develop tangible career benefits. Students will achieve greater self-reliance, self-confidence and global perspectives.

Satisfy your Intellectual Curiosity

SISS offers a range of possibilities for study, representing in ten fields. Classes are open to international students up to the challenge. Whatever your goals or experience is, the only general requirement is a true commitment to learning. Browse our abundant Summer on-campus classes.

Learn from the Best

World-class faculty Instructors from our partner universities and Greater communities bring scholarly expertise and real-world experience to on-campus classes. You can meet the world at SISS. You may enjoy your studies with leading faculties, experienced professionals from community and business organizations with your friends from all over the world.

Strong Leadership

Sookmyung Women’s University has been specialized with soft and powerful leadership program. Leadership development allows students to achieve career paths, make more valuable workplace contributions.

Located in the Heart of the City

Sookmyung Women’s University is located near the Seoul station which is a major railway station in Seoul, Korea. There are a lot of nearby attractions such as shopping centers, museums and sightseeing.