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11 11월 Korean Food

Korean Food   Korea was once primarily an agricultural nation, cultivating rice as their staple food since ancient times. These days Korean cuisine is characterized by a wide variety of meat and fish dishes along with wild greens and vegetables. Various fermented and preserved food, such as...

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11 10월 Seasons

Spring   Spring lasts from late March to May and is warm. Various flowers, including the picturesque cherry blossom, cover the nation's mountains and fields during this time.   Summer   Summer lasts from June to early September. It is a hot and humid time of the year.   Fall Autumn lasts from September to...

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29 9월 Emergency:Police

Emergency occurred in Korea First of all, when Emergency occurs, please inform OIA and let us find the solution for you. Police in Korea: Theft Korea is safe and the crime rate is low.However, if you are a victim of theft or lose something valuable, the first thing...

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24 9월 Currency

Korea's currency is the won. There are 1,000; 5,000; 10,000; and 50,000 won bills.     Coins come in 10, 50, 100 and 500 won. [button size='medium' style='' text='More Info' icon='' icon_color='' link='' target='_parents' color='#1e73be' hover_color='#ffffff' border_color='#1e73be' hover_border_color='#1e73be' background_color='#ffffff' hover_background_color='#1e73be' font_style='normal' font_weight='' text_align='center' margin=''] ...

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 You would not need a car in Seoul! Enjoy the world best public transportation with reasonable price in Seoul! The public transportation in Seoul is excellent and will take you to almost any place you need to go whether it's by taxi, bus, or subway. Traffic...

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