Sookmyung Summer School | Tuition and Fee Payment
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Tuition and Fee Payment

SISS Course Tuition & Fee

Category Description Exchange Student Visiting Students


Application Fee


$100 $100

Tuition Fee

Waived $1,000/ 1 course

$2,000/ 2 courses

Program Fee

$500 $500
Optional Housing $400 $400

Pick Up

(Should be paid directly to student Buddy upon your arrival at the Airport)

$50 $50


 $ 1,000  $2,000(1 course)

$3,000(2 courses)



















– Per 10 Partner Univ. students: 1 student’s program fee($400) waived

– Visiting Students from Partner Univ: Tuition fee 50% off

– Non-Partner Univ. students: Per 3 students, tuition fee 20% off

– SISS re-enroll participants: Tuiton 50% off

– Non-Partner Korean Studies Students : Tuition 50% off

– Korean War Veteran descendants: Tuiton 50% off

* For additional partner univ students’ scholarship, please contact us



Travel Insurance Policy:  Students who do not hold the travel insurance policy cannot attend any activities during the SISS. In case, you do not bring your insurance from your home country, you may purchase the relevant travel insurance policy in Korea. Travel insurance fee is not included in the program fee.


Tuition Fee description

  • Tuition covers courses registered during SISS.
  • Tuition can be waived for students from SMU partner institutions. The number of tutions fee waivers should be discussed in advance between the two universities’ exchange program coordinators. Please contact exchange program coordinator at your home university to check your status. (

How to pay


  • Fee in US dollar is variable according to the rate of exchange
  • Personal Check is also acceptable
  • Overseas balancing charges should be covered by applicant


Program fees can be paid as follow: Please refer below

Wire the money to the following account.


Name of Bank Shinhan Bank (Sookmyung Women’s University Branch)
Account No 366-03-009311
Name of Beneficiary Sookmyung Women’s University
Bank Address 115 Chungpa-dong 3 Ka, Yongsan-ku, Seoul, Korea* Overseas Balancing charges should be covered by applicant.