Sookmyung Summer School | Visas
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Visa Requirements 

All of SISS participants must apply for D-2-8 VISA in advance before your depature.

You may attain information regarding your visa which allows you to stay in Korea for attending SISS from the website for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade of Korea. Please visit the nearest embassy or consulate of the Republic of Korea in your home country for accurate information, too.


Basic Required Documents to submit forD-2-8 Visa application. However, the embassy may require additional documents.

  1. Passport
  2. Letter of Acceptance
  3. A copy of university registration certificate



  • Letter of Acceptance or a copy of university registration certificate will be given upon your acceptance to SISS.
  • Please note that D-2-8 visa may not be required if your home country hold special agreement with the Korean government that exempts visa for short term (usually staying less than 90 days) staying in Korea.