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SISS at a Glance

SISS at a Glance

  SMU is the nation’s first women’s university established in 1906 by the initiative of our own people, led by Empress Sunheon, when Korea was in the midst of the historical turmoil caused by foreign powers.

Sookmyung is set to cooperate in globalization with other leading higher institutions of the world. Our students are the rising women leaders of the 21st Century who will be prepared to take proactive measures in solving the major high tech scientific issues of our global community through their competency gained in the high tech information & communication science as well as a core liberal arts tradition. Spending a summer amongst such students will provide invaluable experience, insight to the global community and a close look into Korean’s modern life and traditional history.

Sookmyung Summer Program allows students to take part in an exciting Korean college life with motivated and brilliant women. There are also opportunities to experience traditional cultures within and off campus. World renowned Korean embroider, Jung Young Yang, has granted her collection to Sookmyung where her works are opened to public.

Sookmyung University’s Summer Program is a golden opportunity to spend your summer meaningfully by participating in a digitalized, knowledge managed and culture oriented program.

SISS I provides lectures on different areas by scholars from around the world. On the other hand, SISS II focuses on the one particular subject relating to Korea. In 2010, we have successfully completed the courses with the theme of “Green Growth”. Through various lectures and visits to the renewable energy clusters and Energy self-sufficient village, students truly have an opportunity to enhance their competencies on the environmental issues. In 2011, SMU offered the theme of “the Future of East Asia”. In 2012, SISS II is designed to give students to give students an introduction to Korean history, culture and scenic landscape. Students are expected to choose either SISS I or SISS II. Please note that SISSI,II differs in time period.

Session July 19- August 16, 2024

Students who wish to attend both courses may register simultaneously but must
register for both processes. For further inquiries, please click button